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The Thing Resin Minifigure Series

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“I’m gonna take a little bit of everybody’s blood, cuz we’re gonna find out who’s the thing.” - R.J. Macready

Each month will see the release of one new, limited edition minifigure, cast in a solid colored resin. Minifigures will come bagged with a header tag and include a blood test point. Collect three blood test points and mail them in to receive an exclusive “Thing Revealed!” Kit including a sticker, trading card and all new minifigure.

The current planned lineup is as follows;

January- The Spiderhead

February- Macready
*Preorder Bonus: Flame Accessory*

March- Dog-Thing
*Preorder Bonus: Tentacle Wrapped Dog Accessory*

April- Childs

May- Bennings-Thing

June- Dr. Blair